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Structure Fire in York…

York Fire Department was battling a fully involved structure fire on Friday, October 21st, on Boulevard Avenue.  The structure was fully involved prior to the arrival of the first York engine.  Cuba Engine 1 arrived on scene and prepared to lay in a 5 inch supply line.  Engine one extended the supply line for 500 feet and prepared for master stream operations.  An initial attack was made, but the water pressure in the neighborhood was not sufficient to maintain the line.  Cuba 502 requested that the tankers from Siloam and Ward be dispatched to the scene to provide support.  The tankers arrived and were used to supply the master stream operations of Cuba Engine 1 and Livingston Quint 1.  While the fire structure was a complete loss, the actions of the York, Livingston, and South Sumter Fire Departments prevented extention to other structures in the area. 

 Cuba Engine 1 and Livingston Quint 1 in operation.

Livingston Lt. Sharp running the elevated stream.

SIloam Tanker nursing the Quint.

Ward Tanker coming out of the woods after taking care of spot fires.

Interstate 20-59 MVA

Cuba and other South Sumter units were dispatched to an MVA at the five mile marker on I 20-59.  Units responding noticed that the westbound lane was deserted at the 1 mile marker and that the incident was likely severe.  First arriving units advised that there were three commercial vehicles and two passenger vehicles involved in the accident.  Units also reported that there were two injuries, and neither appeared critical.  Damage to one vehicle concerned all responders, but it was later discovered that the occupant had been out of his vehicle assisting with the first accident that had occurred at this location.  The highway was closed due to the number of vehicles and the damage done to the commercial vehicle that was split into and spilled its load.  The interstate remained closed until 0400 the following morning. 

MVA Alabama Highway 17

Siloam and Cuba units responded to an MVA at the intersection of Alabama 17 and US Highway 80 on Saturday afternoon, July 23.  There were two minor injuries in the two vehicle collision and both occupants of the vehicle pictured above were transported to area hospitals.  Construction at this intersection continues and we certainly hope that people will be as careful as possible when traveling through this area.

Storms and Wrecks…

Units from South Sumter departments responded to multiple calls for service Friday evening when severe storms moved through the area.  Cuba Engine 2 responded to the 600 block of County Road 1 for a reported tree down in the road.  Engine 2 arrived on location to find a tree blocking both lanes of travel and wrapped in power lines.  Engine 2 also reported a MVA at the location of the tree.  While Cuba units were working on this incident, units from Whitfield and Siloam responded to a MVA at County Road 42 and Alabama 17.  Units from Siloam cleared a tree from Alabama 17 before they were able to continue responding to the MVA.  There were no major injuries at either location and fire units had to wait for some time for AST to arrive on location.  All units were back in service around 0000 hours…  Just another busy night in South Sumter. 

Structure Fire…

Cuba, Kinterbish, Ward, and Siloam responded to the scene of a structure fire in the Kinterbish Area on Water Street.  Dispatch advised that the occupants of the structure were out, but one had received injuries and an ambulance was responding as well.  Cuba Police Asst. Chief MacDonald arrived on scene first and advised that the structure was completely involved, all occupants were out, and the exposed structures were in danger.  Cuba Engine 2 arrived on scene and placed a handline in operation to protect an exposure on the D side of the structure.  The Cuba Engine was just running out of water when the Ward Tanker arrived on scene to provide water.  The tight quarters of the street prevented the deployment of the drop tank, but the tankers 2,500 gallons of water was enough to supply the engine until the next tanker could arrive on scene.  The fire was held in check to the original building and no other stuctures for wildland was damaged as a result of the fire.  Unfortunately the family of five lost their home, but all escaped with their lives.  The tankers from Ward and Siloam were more than a lifesaver today with the near drought conditions that exist in the area along with the gusty winds this afternoon. 

 The structure was completely involved prior tot he arrival of the first unit.  The first engine initiated a defensive attack to protect the exposure located next to this side of the structure.

Cuba Firefighter Tony Odom working to cool the structure during overhaul.

Cuba Engineer/Sgt. Scrivner is cooling a hotspot while Chief Vaughan and Captain Culpepper talk.  The high heat of the day caused firefighters to drop the turnout gear once the fire was out. 

Preparing the Ward Tanker to go back in service.

Asst. Chief Fisher is getting the hose ready to go back on Cuba Engine 2.

Two MVA’s on Alabama 17…

Units from South Sumter stations and many other agencies answered a call for help in the City Limits of York.  York Police and Fire arrived on scene at I 20-59 and Alabama 17 to find a patient trapped between two 18 wheelers.  Members from the Sumter County Rescue Squad as well as the Northstar Ambulance Service worked for around and hour to free the trapped victim from the accident.  The extrication was complicated by the fact that the victim’s vehicle was wedged between the other two vehicles and Simmons Wrecker service was required to free the vehicle.  The patient was transferred to MedFlight and flown to a trauma center.  The victim is expected to make a full recovery. 

Preparing to extricate the patient.


The tractor from the second 18 wheeler.

MedFlight landing at the scene.

Busy Weekend…

Units from South Sumter Stations responded to various calls for service over the past weekend.  The calls ranged from trees down on the road, to medical calls, to an accident, to two weather related fires, and a jack-knifed truck on US Highway 80.  The weekend started off with a few thunderstorms moving through the area that brought down several trees on area roads.  One of the trees in the Whitfield area caught fire and was extinguished by Whitfield Fire once the power was turned off.  Last that evening Siloam unit responded to a motor vehicle accident at Alabama Highway 17 and County Road 15.  The area received another round of thunderstorms on Saturday afternoon that caused more trouble.  Whitfield Firefighter J. Steele was on the way home from Siloam Station when she spotted a fire at the rear of Lindley Chapel Cemetery.  She turned around and alerted the units that were at the Siloam Station and Siloam Tanker 1 was rolling within seconds.  Cuba Chief Vaughan and Ward Asst. Chief Bragg arrived on scene and found a small fire at the rear of the cemetery in what appeared to be a storage area.  Siloam Tanker 1 arrived and a line was put on the fire bringing it quickly under control.  It appeared that lightening striking the trees in the area was the cause of the small fire.  While units were mopping up, Chief Pendergrass was alerted of a road hazard at the intersection of US80 and Alabama 17.  He arrived on location to find a tractor and trailer hung up and blocking the entire highway.  Traffic was backing up and units from Cuba and Siloam remained on scene until the vehicle was removed by Simmons Wrecker service. 

While this weekend didn’t contain any boats in the middle of the interstate or alligators involved in accidents, it was still busy.  Who knows what we will see next.

 SIloam Tanker 1 leaving for the fire behind Lindley Chapel. 

Area burned after the lightening strike.

US 80 blocked by transfer truck on Saturday afternoon.

Boat that was lost in the middle of I 20-59 on Memorial Day weekend.  The driver was quite  a way up the interstate before they realized that the vessel was no longer on the trailer.  Fire units removed the vehicle from the highway.

A nine foot aligator was struck by a motorist on Sumter County Road 1 just outside of the Cuba City limits.  The animal was killed and was removed from the scene.  This incident also occurred on Memorial Day weekend at the same time as the boat in the middle of the interstate.

The Cat is in the Bag…

Most fire departments only have to get cats out of trees, but everyone knows that this corner of the world is not like all the rest.  Sunday evening Chief Vaughan was contacted by dispatch regarding and pet feline that was in a well on Water Street in the Kinterbish Community south of Cuba.  Units from South Sumter stations went to the scene and found the curious feline to be at the bottom of a deep well.  Chief Vaughan arrived on scene and contacted Chief Larkin, Coatopa, Livingston, SCRS, and requested that she come take a look at the area and see what could be done with the confined space rescue team.  Larkin notified a few members of the team and they arrived on scene and decided that the rescue attempt could be undertaken.  Brown and Son’s wrecker also came to the scene to assist with the raising and lowering of the rescue member and the equipment.  It should be noted that the team members and Chief Vaughan felt that the rescue attempt was low risk and was a good training exercise for all the fire units and rescue team members present. 

After several adjustments, Max the cat was placed in the bag and brought back up the well to his waiting and anxious five your old owner.  Max was most happy to be out of the hole and this one cat that curiosity didn’t kill.  A special thanks to all the fire units that were on scene as well as the Sumter County Rescue Squad, Sumter County SO, and most certainly Mr. Brown of Brown and Sons Wrecker Company. 


The man of the hour was Brian Criswell who is pictured in the far right of this picture.  Criswell is with the Livingston Fire Department and has just recently completed the Alabama Volunteer Firefighter Certification course. 

Brian bringing Max back up the well in a bag.  Brian went in looking for a kitten, but was quick to tell us that this was no kitten.  The bag was no fun for the cat, but being back with his family was worth it I think.

Firefighter Criswell posing with Max and his owner.  He remarked that, “it is not often you get to see the smiling faces of those you help.”

Well done Brian…  People like you are indeed rare!

Photos by C. Wright and J. Shaw.

MVA on County 2…

Cuba EMTs and First Responders were dispatched to a single vehicle accident in the 4400 block of County Road 2 Sunday afternoon.  There were three injured in the accident and all were transported to local hospitals with non-life threatening injuries.

Recent Runs…

We have been somewhat derelict in keeping the content fresh on the website and for that we will apologize.  With classes, meetings, and runs we have been rather busy.  Here are a few shots from runs over the past few weeks.

MVA at the intersection of US 11 and US 80 on Sunday, March 27th.  To injured victims were transported from the scene.

Structure Fire on County Road 9.  Electrical short in the attic of home that occured on March 27th.