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Blast from the PAST…

Sure is interesting what you find in the old picture files.  Here are two from around 2000 that I found in the pile.

Steven Buck, Lester Gray, Bud Buck, and Chuck Scrivner were pictured standing in front of the old engine 2 that left out department in 2001.  Two of the members in the picture, Bud and Chuck are still very active with the department. 

Chief Vaughan and Captain Andy Bowman conducting fire prevention and safety visits at Sumter Academy with Old Engine 2.  Captain Bowman has since left our department and is an officer with the Crawfordville Fire and Rescue in Florida.

Weather Update…

The risk of severe weather over our area this evening is minimal at the present moment.  However, remember to expect the unexpected with thunderstorms at all times, and most especially in the spring.  If anything does flair up the linc and radio will come to life!

Attend Your Local Fire Department Meeting…

Ward Fire Department is one of the the best attended and supported departments  in the entire area. Ward Fire Department business meetings feature more community involvement that most other agencies.  Follow Wards example and be involved in your local community through the fire service.  Not everyone has to carry the hose or enter the burning structure to battle the blaze so to speak, but there are jobs and tasks that everyone to can do to help their community be safer and a much better place to live. 

Special Apology to the back table of the meeting…  Murry was there and I didn’t want to risk my camera on him!

The Propane Leak… That Wasn’t!

Cuba Fire was dispatched to a possible propane tank (truck) leak at the Rockingchair Truckstop at Exit 1.  Units with Toomsuba and Russell Fire Departments in Mississippi had been hunting this same incident over roughly 12 miles of interstate 20-59 before calls began to arrive at Sumter Dispatch.  Cuba and Siloam units were responding about the same time that a few Toomsuba units were arriving on scene to advise that there was something leaking from a tank at Cuba.  One Cuba unitadvised that he had been told by the staff there that it was a water leak, but due to the nature of the call units continued to run code.  Deputy Chief Fisher arrived on scene and determined that it was a water tank for the restaurant’s pump system that was leaking.  All units were disregarded and returned to service. 

This just goes to show you that unless you have an interstate highway running through your fire district, you don’t know what you are missing. 

US 80 MVA…

Siloam was dispatched to an MVA in the construction zone on US Highway 80.  Siloam units were backed up by Cuba Fire EMTs on the response.  Siloam units finally located the MVA at the 15 mile marker.  The victim was still in the vehicle, but was not entrapped so to the point that the jaws of life were needed.  Once sufficient manpower arrived on scene the patient was removed form the vehicle and placed on a backboard.  Siloam units remained on scene for some time directing traffic. Certainly has been a very busy week indeed…