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Another Busy Weekend…

Firefighters in South Sumter have had another busy 48 hours with multiple calls to answer.  Two of the emergency runs for the period were MVAs that occurred in the area.   Thankfully no one was seriously injured at either scene, but patient(s) at both were transported to the hospital for minor injuries and precautionary reasons.  The Memorial Day Weekend is only halfway over so more “business” is likely to come our way. 

5-28-2010 – Photo: A. Harvison

Siloam Asst. Chief Hughes and Siloam Treasurer Janell Hughes were coming back home after eating supper and arrived on the scene of this one vehicle MVA moments after the incident occurred.  They called for assistance and an ambulance was dispatched to the scene along with Siloam Fire.  The driver of the vehicle was transported to the hospital with minor injuries.  

5-29-2010 Photo: Skip Holder

Several units from Siloam Fire responded to the 9 mile marker on Interstate 20-59 to assist with single vehicle MVA that involved a group of students from the University of Maryland.  The injuries were minor in nature and Siloam Chief Terry Pendergrass assisted in locating accommodations for the students at the University of West Alabama.

Busy Weekend…

South Sumter Fire Department answered numerous calls for service this past weekend.  Beginning on Saturday night the Cuba Fire Department received a report of a grass and woods fire on County Road 27 at Drummond Drive.  Arriving units found a powerline down in the woods and APCO was notified of the emergency.  Cuba was assisted by units from Kinterbish, Siloam, and Morning Star Fire Departments.  On Sunday, Cuba was dispatched to a grass fire on I 20-59 near the 5 mile marker.  Units from York Police and Fire were also dispatched to the scene.  Cuba Engine 2 arrived on scene to find a very small fire along the northbound side of the interstate.  Through conversations with the dispatcher it was discovered that there were more than five fires set along the interstate.  This is common in the warmed months when tires on transport vehicles fail. 

Sunday Evening the Cuba, Siloam and Kinterbish Fire Departments were dispatched to a structure fire in the Cuba area.  Arriving units found like smoke conditions and confirmed that the power was off to the structure.  Engine 2 arrived and its fan and foam can were used to minimize the damage to the structure.  The family was assisted by the American Red Cross and all units went home for some much deserved rest. 

Maybe this week will be quiet…

First Tropical Trouble of the New Season…

The NHC is watching Invest 90L north of the island of Hispaniola.  Models indicate that it might cause a little trouble for the southeastern Atlantic coast, but intensity models are rather unimpressive.  The system will likely never gain enough intensity to be classified as any type of system, but it is gaining the attention of forecasters due to the timing and nature of the event.  Hurricane season is just a few days away and could be quite active this year.  Let’s make sure that we are ready to take care of anything that comes up because of these storms.

Light Risk of Severe Weather…

The area is covered by a slight risk of severe weather this afternoon and tonight.  The main threat based on the information from the SPC is hail and wind.  The possibility of a small tornado can’t be ruled out, but I do not believe this will be much of a threat in this area today.  Flooding will also be a concern today as we received quite a bit of rain yesterday and coupled with the rain we expect to receive today we could have some problems in certain areas.  Further updates will be made over the radio and linc system if need be.

Structure Fire County Road 2

Cuba and Siloam Fire Department responded to the scene of a structure fire in the Morning Star Fire District.  Arriving units advised that there was no flame, but that there was smoke showing.  Upon further investigation the first arriving units found that the fire was out and the PPV was placed into use.  The homeowner advised that he had called 911 nearly an hour before the first units arrived on the scene.  Units from Cuba and Siloam were on scene within eight minutes from the call for help, and it is not known at this time what took so long for the call to moved from the primary department to the supporting agencies that responded. 

Due to the action of the homeowner the fire was contained to one room and fire units were able to make sure that there was no extention into the roof and walls.  The homeowner was put in touch with a local Red Cross contact in order obtain assistance. 

Lost Trucker…

Units from Siloam and Cuba Fire Departments spent the better part of four hours Sunday evening looking for a truck driver that had lost his way.  After several phone conversations and the swapping of GPS coordinates with the driver Siloam Captain Curtis Wright drove into the area with his four wheel drive pickup and made contact with the driver on the CB.  After speaking with him for a while he was able to locate the driver and get assistance down into the deep woods to assist him.  The prospect of a wrecker making into the woods was slim so private tractors were used to free the driver and put him back on the straight and narrow.  As usual…  Great Job by a top notch crew!

The question is how did this vehicle get in here?

The driver was almost in a really deep hole instead of just really deep in the woods.

The cavalry arrived!

Towers are Down and Moved…

Members from Siloam, Ward, Whitfield, Boyd, and Cuba Fire Department assembled to take down the remaining towers from the local schools system so that they could be used on the new radio system that has been put in place in the county.  These towers will give departments the ability to place a pocket repeater at their station or just have effective communications in the event that the repeater system is completely disabled.  This has been a long time in the works and without the tireless efforts of Harry Hughes this project would never have been completed.  The communications situation in the county is getting better day by day thanks to the dedication of the volunteer firefighters that keep it safe.

 Tower coming down at Sumter High.

Curtis and Bug could do this by themselves!

Whitfield VFD preparing to take down their new tower.

Tower coming down behind York West End.

The architect of the whole process and Richard take apart the antenna system that was mounted on the towers.

Large Rain Totals Missed the Area…

The area was spared the flooding experienced by areas further north and south of our area.  We should have a relatively dry week until Friday and once again the area could experience some heavy rain due to weak steering currents.  It is likely that we might have a period of time where severe weather will become isolated instead of the general coverage that we have had in recent weeks.  While not having the severe weather to contend with is nice, the lack of rainfall puts us in a position where we could be much drier than the territory around us if the pattern doesn’t change for a period of time.  This could bring about a fire danger that we would really rather avoid.

24 Hour total rainfall accumulation centered on Sumter County.

Rain and Storms…

Another weekend and another threat of severe weather in our area.  At the moment the most severe activity is off to the west of us and has been there most of the morning and afternoon.  There are signs that the activity is beginning to push off to the east as the evening gets ready to get under way.  There is the potential for some severe weather in our area this evening since the SPC has outlooked our area for a slight risk of severe weather at the present time.  The threat area is pushed further east tomorrow and I expect to see at the least a moderate risk over the area tomorrow.

In addition to the threat of severe weather the threat of flash flooding will begin to increase this evening.  The NWS has placed the area under a flash flood watch due to the large amount of rain that is expected to fall tonight and tomorrow.  Another update on this situation will be made later this evening and will cover the specific severe weather threats in more detail.