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Invest 93 is Still Alive…

The first serious tropical threat of the season is still hanging in there as a strong tropical wave.  However, it is rather disorganized at the moment, but conditions look to become more favorable for further development in the next few days.  Below are the current model projects for the system.  A word of caution here…  These are projections and not concrete forecasts.  They will likely change many times during the open water phase of a tropical cyclone.  These “spaghetti” charts are to be used as a general guide only.

The Tropics are Awake !

The tropical Atlantic is beginning to get active.  That is no surprise with sea surface temperatures in the Southern Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico running well above normal.  Forecasters had warned that this season would likely be above normal and it would appear that we are on track to visit the above normal season.  The National Hurricane Center is closely watching a disturbed area of weather, associatedwith a tropical wave, some distance off the Southern coast of the Island of Hispaniola.  The latest model charts are included below as well as the latest intensity forecast.  While the models have not been able to get a good grasp on the system the majority of them indicate that the system will reach tropical storm strength.  This is bolstered by the NHC’s 50% or greater likelihood that the system will develop.  Further, some of the global weather models were picking up on the system and placing it off the Northern Gulf near the end of this week and the first of the next.  All eyes should be to the south on this one…

MVA at the 1 Mile Marker I 20-59

Cuba Fire Department as well as Siloam Fire Department responded to a motor vehicle accident and fire on the interstate Thursday afternoon that left two people critically injured and one Meridian man dead.  The accident is currently under investigation by the Alabama State Troopers office and no information has been released as of yet.  Fire units were originally dispatched to a motor vehicle accident and the first Cuba PD unit to arrive on scene advised responders that he had a vehicle fire and three critical patients.  Fire units remained on scene to assist with traffic before returning to quarters. 

MVA on I 20-59

Cuba Fire Department responded to the scene of a motor vehicle accident at the three mile marker on I 20-59.  Cuba units were assisted by Siloam and Ward units at the scene as well as Northstar ambulance.   Chief Vaughan arrived on scene to find a car hauler and a camper involved in a collision that resulted in the complete destruction of the camper trailer and extensive damage to the car hauler and portions of its cargo.  Thankfully there were no injuries at the scene and both parties involved were able to collect their belongings and leave on their own two legs.  South Sumter firefighters had to stay on scene for nearly four hours due to the debris closing all but the emergency lane on the interstate.  The experts from Simmons Wrecker arrived on the scene to clean up the mess and the highway was officially opened for business again around 0200 on Sunday morning.  Never fails that we have an interesting weekend in our little corner of the world…

Photos By: D. Holder “501”