Alabama Firefighter Certification Class…

The Cuba and Siloam Fire Departments will be hosting a Firefigher Certification program in conjunction with the Alabama Fire College, beginning August 31st.  Anyone interested in attending the class should contact Chief Vaughan or use the reply/comment section of the website.  Please make plans to attend this class if you have not recieved certification as a firefighter in the State of Alabama.

I20-59 MVA…

Cuba Fire Department responded to a single vehicle accident on I 20-59 this morning that resulted in one fatality and two injuries.  Aircare was activated for the critically injured patient, but he expired prior to their arrival.  Units from Siloam, Kinterbish, Coatopa-Dug Hill, and Metro Ambulance assisted at the scene. 


A local resident had a fire escape his control on Tuesday evening and units from South Sumter Fire Departments responded to the scene to take care of the problem.  The heat and the dry conditions could have made the situation much worse, but quick action by the crews involved prevented the fire from causing any major damage to pine plantations in the area. 

Units arriving on scene and making ready to put out the fire that has made it out to the road. 

EMT Chris Cherry heads into the woods to check on firefighters and assist them in locating spot fires. 

Ward, Siloam, Kinterbish, and Cuba firemen stand near the truck and wait for the scene to be declared secure. 

Veteran Ward Firefighter Murry Rew opens the fill hydrant at the station to ready the 1,200 gallon, Ward engine for the next run.

Tropical Update…

The circulation in the Gulf does not look very impressive this morning, but the NHC still maintains the forecast for TD5 to become tropical storm Danielle or Earl within the next 24 to 48 hours.  The maps below should give a good idea of the current projected movement and the latest models indicate that the system should remain below hurricane strength.  The NHC strength forecast indicates the maximum winds should be no more than 5o MPH upon landfall.  As discussed on the radio this morning we should begin our plans to make sure all equipment is placed in a ready mode for this oncoming storm. 

Tropical Action in the Gulf

This evening the National Hurricane Center has classified the area of disturbed weather off the Western coast of Florida as a tropical depression.  All major forecast models expect the system to strengthen and move into the Northern Gulf region by the end of the week.  At the present time the models are pointing at the mouth of the Mississippi River for the eventual landfall, and the intensity forecast is calling for the system to reach strong tropical storm status.  With the very warm water that is present in the region this storm could obtain minimal hurricane status before landfall.  It is likely that we will put our IAP into action for this system if the current forecast track is maintained. 

EMR Class Nearing Completion, FFI Starting Soon!

Firefighters from several Sumter County departments are in the middle of the Emergency Medical Responder class being held at Siloam Fire Department.  Once this class is completed a new firefighter class will begin in Sumter County that will last for nearly a year.  Students enrolled in the program will receive certification from the State of Alabama and from the Alabama Fire College (Pro-Board) upon successful completion of the course and the state exam.   The instructors and officers conducting the classes are expecting between 25 and 35 students to be in the new class.  These vital courses are made possible through a federal grant to purchase the equipment and the many free hours that the veteran officers and instructors put in to make sure these classes are informative and increase the effectiveness of the fire service in our area. 

EMT Chris Cherry and Deputy Cedric Bell show students how to properly place a cervical collar on a patient.  Thanks to Rachel for being the test tube on this one!

EMT Chris Cherry uses his wife Rachel as a “patient” to instruct others on how to properly load a patient on a back board and secure them. 

Chief Pendergrass instructs the class outside near the ambulance.