Structure Fire in Siloam

Firefighters from all South Sumter stations and apparatus from Siloam, Cuba, and Whitfield responded to a structure fire in the Siloam area on Tuesday morning.  The first unit to arrive on the scene advised that the fire was coming through the roof and that the structure was well involved.  Cuba Engine 1 and Siloam Engine 1 arrived on scene and made a quick attack on the fire.  Siloam Tanker arrived and established a water supply from the hydrant less than 150 feet away.  The Whitfield tanker arrived on scene to provide additional water if required.  With the fire darkened, a crew went through the front door and knocked out the rest of the fire.  The thermal imaging camera from Cuba Fire Department was deployed for the second time since it was purchased.  The unit was used to find multiple spots that would likely have caused a rekindle.  While the home sustained heavy damage the fire was contained and many of the family belongings were secured. 

Cuba Engine 1 (Oldie but a Goodie) operates at the scene of the fire.

Firefighter Harvison works the pump on Siloam Engine 1.

Whitfield Chief Steele, steadies the ladder. 

Cuba Firefighter/Chaplain Avery watches the pump on Engine 1 .

Siloam Captain Brooks knocks out a hotspot.

Belmont-McDowell Firefighter/EMR Smith helps reload the Cuba Engine. 


Fire Prevention…

Sumter Academy students visited South Sumter Fire Departments at old Cuba School for fire prevention.  The structure fire in York called away some of the members that were to be present, but Siloam, Cuba, and Ward Firefigthers filled in the gaps and a good time was enjoyed by all. 

Siloam Firefighter/EMT-I William Flowers talks to students about the equipment firefighters use.

Students hold the hose.

Smiling faces…

Structure Fire in York…

York Fire Department was battling a fully involved structure fire on Friday, October 21st, on Boulevard Avenue.  The structure was fully involved prior to the arrival of the first York engine.  Cuba Engine 1 arrived on scene and prepared to lay in a 5 inch supply line.  Engine one extended the supply line for 500 feet and prepared for master stream operations.  An initial attack was made, but the water pressure in the neighborhood was not sufficient to maintain the line.  Cuba 502 requested that the tankers from Siloam and Ward be dispatched to the scene to provide support.  The tankers arrived and were used to supply the master stream operations of Cuba Engine 1 and Livingston Quint 1.  While the fire structure was a complete loss, the actions of the York, Livingston, and South Sumter Fire Departments prevented extention to other structures in the area. 

 Cuba Engine 1 and Livingston Quint 1 in operation.

Livingston Lt. Sharp running the elevated stream.

SIloam Tanker nursing the Quint.

Ward Tanker coming out of the woods after taking care of spot fires.

Interstate 20-59 MVA

Cuba and other South Sumter units were dispatched to an MVA at the five mile marker on I 20-59.  Units responding noticed that the westbound lane was deserted at the 1 mile marker and that the incident was likely severe.  First arriving units advised that there were three commercial vehicles and two passenger vehicles involved in the accident.  Units also reported that there were two injuries, and neither appeared critical.  Damage to one vehicle concerned all responders, but it was later discovered that the occupant had been out of his vehicle assisting with the first accident that had occurred at this location.  The highway was closed due to the number of vehicles and the damage done to the commercial vehicle that was split into and spilled its load.  The interstate remained closed until 0400 the following morning. 

Fish Fry Success!

South Sumter Battalion held a fundraiser and fun day at the Cuba School on Saturday, October 15th.  Catfish was on the menu and fun was certainly in the air as members from various stations in the battalion assembled to cook and serve.  There was a return of the infamous dunking booth and it appeared that Asst. Chief Bragg did get over his horrible ear infection that kept him out of the dunking booth in May.  The day was a blast and a success and the next fund raiser is planned for December 3rd.  Hope to see you there.  Below is a few pictures provided by Skip Holder and Janell Hughes.


More shirts will be available.  Proud to be a member of such a great group of firefighters. 

Special thanks to Cuba Firefighter Mark Stallings and volunteer Leonard Hartman (Past Chief of Cuba Fire)

Mr. Freddy breading the fish.  Mr. Freddy is a founding member and current chief of the Ward Fire Department.

Siloam Firefighter Paul Deloach takes over for Mr. Freddy and keeps the fish rolling out.

Rindy and Ashlynne Vaughan preparing plates for everyone. 

Ward Captain Connie Harvison and Cuba Asst. Chief Charles Fisher preparing plates.

Leonard Hartman cooking up some hush puppies.  Thanks Lennie!

Cuba Firefighter Mark Stallings is a fish cooking master!

Siloam Asst. Chief Hughes has that look.  Don’t make a move on the fish!

Faye Deloach working in the kitchen.

The crew sets up the dunking booth

Ward Asst. Chief Bragg is calling the shots from the hot seat.

Cuba Asst. Chief Fisher on the way down.

Ward Firefighter Ashley Harvison takes on for the team.

Annual Test…

Pumpers and engines in the South Sumter underwent annual service testing on Saturday, October 1st. All units that were tested passed without any problem and will be on the streets protecting the citizens of South Sumter for another year. One particular engine, Ward Engine, stands out among the pack. This old warhorse showed once again that it is one of the best for a reason. The Ward Engine is a 1979 Hahn that was purchased used by Ward Fire in 2000. The engine was well cared for and refurbished by its original owners and the Ward Fire department has taken care of it as well. Once again, this engine pulled the fastest prime of all engines and tankers, and met its rated pump capacity with fewer RPMs that stated on the day it was built. She is certainly an oldie but a goodie.


The Ward Engine during the test. 

Siloam Engine 1 undergoing the test. 

Cuba Fire’s oldest engine undergoing the test.

Tanker Drill Part II

On Saturday, September 17th, all South Sumter Departments met in Whitfield for a tanker and water supply drill. We have already released the videos from the fill site and some of the details about the drill. It took a while, but we got the video from the drop site and the pumper put together so here they are. This drill will be set up again in the next month or so and we hope this spring to have the crew from GBW to come down and teach their signature class in the area. As soon as the date is known we will release the information.