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Merry CHRISTMAS from South Sumter…

We hope that you and yours have a safe Christmas holiday.  However, if you need us don’t hesitate to call.  We already have our Christmas lights on!

South Sumter’s Annual Christmas Party

This year’s South Sumter Christmas and Awards Party was a tremendous success.  Thanks to all those that do so much throughout the year to make the lives of all Sumter County residents better.  As usual there was more food than would be possible to eat in several days available for everyone to enjoy.  Those in attendance enjoyed laughs and a top notch video of the activities of all departments throughout the year.  The video, prepared by Rindy Vaughan, also contained a special tribute for the anniversary of 9-11-01 and a segment on the tornadoes that struck the area this year.  Before the meal the firefighter and fire officer of the year were announced as well as several other awards.  It is wonderful to be a part of such an organization and we hope to continue to see our organization grow in the years to come. 


Special thanks to Janell Hughes for decorating and making sure things were set up inside. 

Guests begin to arrive.

Everyone had a great time and shared quite a few laughs. 

Chief Pendergrass, working hard on part of the menu. 

Fund Raising Director Mark Stallings talks with Northstar EMS Supervisor Jubal Ryan, Rindy Vaughan, and Bev Holder outside the building.  A special thanks to Mark this year for getting our fund raising efforts off the ground. 

Deputy Chief Holder and Jubal Ryan await the new pot of high octane coffee in the kitchen. 

Ward Asst. Chief Bragg speaking at the banquet. 

From L to R – Siloam Chief (Battalion Chief) Terry W. Pendergrass won the South Sumter Fire Officer of the year award for 2011.  Whitfield Firefighter Johnnie Steele won the Firefighter of the year award for her efforts throughout the year.  She was instrumental in warning her community of the impending tornado that struck the previous month. Cuba Chief (Battalion Chief) C. R. Vaughan was presented with an award by the family of Asst. Chief Bragg. 

The opening screen of this year’s video.  Each year we look forward to the efforts of Rindy and all those that send her pictures and other items. 

The new shoulder patch and logo of the South Sumter Group was unveiled at this years banquet as well.  This patch will be proudly worn by the men and women that keep our little corner of the world safe for years into the future.