Few Runs Since the Beginning of 2012…

Other than a rather nasty wildland fire the South end of the county has been quiet so far this year.  It is certain that firefighters from South Sumter stations could certainly use a quiet year, but as usual this is likely the quiet before the storm.  Below are a few images and reports form incidents that happened in the area.


Wildland and Structure fire on Wilson Road.  Large brush and woods fire threatened five stuctures in the area and destroyed ten acres.  Crews were able to protect all occupied dwellings, but an unoccupied structure was destroyed.

Another view of the scene on Wilson Road.  The structure is still burning in the right foreground.

AFC Dozier making a round near the head of the fire to make sure it was contained. 

MVA on County Road 10 south of Cuba.  There were no injuries, but the road was blocked for some time due to the fact that the accident happened on the bridge.