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Severe Threat Increases…

The SPC has increased the severe weather risk for the Sumter County area on Friday.  The Moderate risk has been brought down into the Sumter County area.  The highest risk is still off to the north, but the threat over our area is significant.  Full details will be posted in the morning.

Severe Weather Risk…

The entire area will be under a risk of severe weather on Friday evening due to a powerful storm system that is taking shape to our west today.  The good news is that the highest percentatges and chances of severe weather are off to our north (as they have been in the previous events).  The projected threat areas are based upon the present forecast, and they are subject to change with the next package.  One item I would note is that the SPC has elected in the last several updates to move the threat levels to the south.  Here are the graphics that are current for this particular threat.

SPC Day 2 outlook.  Next major change will be just after midnight.

Would not be suprised to see a high risk in the Kentucky or central Tennennesee area. 


Prepare now for severe weather impacting the area.