South Sumter Fellowship

Tonight the South Sumter group met together at the Ward Fire house to enjoy  spending time with each other, games and of course  – food!! So many times those that respond to the calls for help see each other on scene, at training sessions and during meetings, but the families rarely have the time spend just enjoying each other’s company. Hopefully, we will be able to have more of these times of fellowship where we can enjoy some friendly competition, share some laughs and watch our children grow. After all, we are working on the next generation of first responders/firefighters! Thank you to everyone who came, brought food, helped with set up and clean up!

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Tanker Training in Whitfield, AL

South Sumter departments – Cuba, Siloam, Ward, Whitfield, Kinterbish and Morning Star along with Pennington VFD participated in a tanker training session in the Whitfield community. The departments learned how to  work with drop tanks, connect to dry hydrants and transport the water to other tankers in order to use it on scene. This is especially important in areas where conventional water supply is unavailable or compromised. Today’s training is useful when multiple departments are needed to respond to the call at hand. In emergency situations where this type of response is needed, time is of the essence. This drill proved that large quantities of water can be moved quickly and further practices will only increase our efficiency of response time.

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