The video above is borrowed from the web. As the mission of the fire service changes the impact we have on the people we serve changes. Many of our calls for service involve everything from medical calls to stranded motorists and everything in between. The idea behind the video deals with budget problems and the funding of the fire service. While those needs are important we don’t have quite the problem with that in this area since we don’t have much money to cut. However, the video tells those that don’t know what we do that we do much more than run around and “play” fireman. We serve our communities in ways that many people never see. The men and women that serve the South Sumter area certainly respond to fire, accidents, medical emergencies and other calls for service. I certainly doubt that many people in the area realize that the firefighters in this area partner with the National Weather Service for severe weather spotting and assessment. The firefighters also respond to stranded motorist calls and many other items that are routinely handled by police or other agencies. I say all of this to say one thing… I am proud of all the hometown heroes that serve this area and I hope that you are too!