The potential for severe weather has increased to some extent over the area.  While the largest threat of severe weather should stay off to our south and west there is the potential for damaging storms in the Sumter County area.  Further, there is a high probability of heavy rain and potential flash flooding in the area.  Here are the forecasts maps and discussions at the present moment.

 The SPC Convective outlook for today.  We are in the slight risk and have seen some hail over the area this morning.  However, due to the position of the war front and the lack of surface instability the storms have all been elevated in nature.  This could change later in the evening.

Tornado Potential

Wind Potential (It is clearly evident that we are just out of the high hatched area)

The hail charts

Tomorrow the risk is slight.  However, we will see what happens with later forecast packages considering the complex nature of the forecast.  The number and strength of the warm fronts will determine much of what is possible.

One thing is certain…  Heavy rain and lots of it.  Stay tuned for further developments.