Members of several South Sumter Fire Departments were on hand to conduct a fundraiser for needed equipment.  In addition to a free jumper, the department had members that were “riding” the dunking booth as well as members that were marketing t’shirts.  The day started off very cool, windy, and cloudy (just ask Tony) but despite the weather a great number of people turned out for the event.  There will be several other fund raising events this year and we hope that everyone in the Sumter County area will turn out to support them.  Here are a few pictures from the event…


In addition to Cuba Engine 2, the new tankers at Siloam and Ward were on display for everyone to see.

The Bounce House was free to any child who wanted to use it.  Special thanks to Taylor Rental (Meridian, MS) for making the items we needed affordable to the members that donated their use. 

The chief doing the two things he does best…  Sitting on his rear and drinking coffee.  Poor Tony is about to freeze to death in the background.

Siloam Asst. Chief Hughes and Ward President Reeves posing for the camera.

Dalton Wright is already in training!

Siloam Chief Pendergrass looking rather distinguished and trying not to look like he hurts too much because of his “ear infection”.

Captain Wright and his wife Courtney, take a picture with their son Dalton on the front of the Ward Tanker.  It is impossible run a fire department without people like the Wrights!

Ward Board President Reeves takes a seat on the new tanker.  Mr. Freddy, as he is known to everyone around here, was the founding member of the Ward Station and was one of the founding members of the Sumter County Volunteer Firefighters Association.  He is still a valuable member of the team and can do more than many people half his age.

The newest member at Cuba Fire took the first spin in the dunking booth.  Tony was a good sport despite the very cool temperatures. 

Ward Asst. Chief Bragg ran the dunking booth most of the day.  He also had the same mysterious ear infection that Chief Pendergrass had that kept them off the hot seat.

Engineer Scrivner takes one for the team on the dunking booth.

The Cuba Police Department was on hand…  We couldn’t trick either one of them into the dunking booth.  Next time we will use bait from Krispy Kreme.

Not sure who our model is, but there are still South Sumter Fire t’shirts available in anyone is interested.  Email to make a purchase.

Photos by J. Hughes and C. Wright.