Brierfield Chief McRree invited Cuba Chief Vaughan up to an incident command school that was sponsored by the Central Alabama Fire Attack Organization.  Chief McRee and Vaughan are working on a class for Alabama Fire Chiefs so that they will be better prepared for the demands of the fire service and the ever changing environment that we serve in.  The incident command class put on by GBW, LLC will most certainly be a portion of the program that we put in place in the Alabama area.  It is hoped that the others involved in this project can get together in the next few months to get the program ready to launch. 

 One of the mock scenes in the table top exercises.

One of the instructors playing the part of the press at a local fire scene.  Perhaps this is a good place to talk about how effective this type of class is.  All of the people in the class were exposed to the positions that must be staffed on the fire ground and were made to react to the input of others and the instructors.  While this is far from the real thing, the lessons learned from mistakes here don’t kill and they remind us to better prepare for the real thing.  Everyone who serves in an officers position in the fire service should take a class like this so that they can have their memory jogged before the storm.

Another mock scene…  If we could only purchase trucks for the price of the models.  We would be in good shape!

Instructor Shane Darwick plays the part of the pastor here at this particular call.  Seems the last time the fire department showed up they made a mess.

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