Most fire departments only have to get cats out of trees, but everyone knows that this corner of the world is not like all the rest.  Sunday evening Chief Vaughan was contacted by dispatch regarding and pet feline that was in a well on Water Street in the Kinterbish Community south of Cuba.  Units from South Sumter stations went to the scene and found the curious feline to be at the bottom of a deep well.  Chief Vaughan arrived on scene and contacted Chief Larkin, Coatopa, Livingston, SCRS, and requested that she come take a look at the area and see what could be done with the confined space rescue team.  Larkin notified a few members of the team and they arrived on scene and decided that the rescue attempt could be undertaken.  Brown and Son’s wrecker also came to the scene to assist with the raising and lowering of the rescue member and the equipment.  It should be noted that the team members and Chief Vaughan felt that the rescue attempt was low risk and was a good training exercise for all the fire units and rescue team members present. 

After several adjustments, Max the cat was placed in the bag and brought back up the well to his waiting and anxious five your old owner.  Max was most happy to be out of the hole and this one cat that curiosity didn’t kill.  A special thanks to all the fire units that were on scene as well as the Sumter County Rescue Squad, Sumter County SO, and most certainly Mr. Brown of Brown and Sons Wrecker Company. 


The man of the hour was Brian Criswell who is pictured in the far right of this picture.  Criswell is with the Livingston Fire Department and has just recently completed the Alabama Volunteer Firefighter Certification course. 

Brian bringing Max back up the well in a bag.  Brian went in looking for a kitten, but was quick to tell us that this was no kitten.  The bag was no fun for the cat, but being back with his family was worth it I think.

Firefighter Criswell posing with Max and his owner.  He remarked that, “it is not often you get to see the smiling faces of those you help.”

Well done Brian…  People like you are indeed rare!

Photos by C. Wright and J. Shaw.