Units from South Sumter Stations responded to various calls for service over the past weekend.  The calls ranged from trees down on the road, to medical calls, to an accident, to two weather related fires, and a jack-knifed truck on US Highway 80.  The weekend started off with a few thunderstorms moving through the area that brought down several trees on area roads.  One of the trees in the Whitfield area caught fire and was extinguished by Whitfield Fire once the power was turned off.  Last that evening Siloam unit responded to a motor vehicle accident at Alabama Highway 17 and County Road 15.  The area received another round of thunderstorms on Saturday afternoon that caused more trouble.  Whitfield Firefighter J. Steele was on the way home from Siloam Station when she spotted a fire at the rear of Lindley Chapel Cemetery.  She turned around and alerted the units that were at the Siloam Station and Siloam Tanker 1 was rolling within seconds.  Cuba Chief Vaughan and Ward Asst. Chief Bragg arrived on scene and found a small fire at the rear of the cemetery in what appeared to be a storage area.  Siloam Tanker 1 arrived and a line was put on the fire bringing it quickly under control.  It appeared that lightening striking the trees in the area was the cause of the small fire.  While units were mopping up, Chief Pendergrass was alerted of a road hazard at the intersection of US80 and Alabama 17.  He arrived on location to find a tractor and trailer hung up and blocking the entire highway.  Traffic was backing up and units from Cuba and Siloam remained on scene until the vehicle was removed by Simmons Wrecker service. 

While this weekend didn’t contain any boats in the middle of the interstate or alligators involved in accidents, it was still busy.  Who knows what we will see next.

 SIloam Tanker 1 leaving for the fire behind Lindley Chapel. 

Area burned after the lightening strike.

US 80 blocked by transfer truck on Saturday afternoon.

Boat that was lost in the middle of I 20-59 on Memorial Day weekend.  The driver was quite  a way up the interstate before they realized that the vessel was no longer on the trailer.  Fire units removed the vehicle from the highway.

A nine foot aligator was struck by a motorist on Sumter County Road 1 just outside of the Cuba City limits.  The animal was killed and was removed from the scene.  This incident also occurred on Memorial Day weekend at the same time as the boat in the middle of the interstate.