Cuba, Kinterbish, Ward, and Siloam responded to the scene of a structure fire in the Kinterbish Area on Water Street.  Dispatch advised that the occupants of the structure were out, but one had received injuries and an ambulance was responding as well.  Cuba Police Asst. Chief MacDonald arrived on scene first and advised that the structure was completely involved, all occupants were out, and the exposed structures were in danger.  Cuba Engine 2 arrived on scene and placed a handline in operation to protect an exposure on the D side of the structure.  The Cuba Engine was just running out of water when the Ward Tanker arrived on scene to provide water.  The tight quarters of the street prevented the deployment of the drop tank, but the tankers 2,500 gallons of water was enough to supply the engine until the next tanker could arrive on scene.  The fire was held in check to the original building and no other stuctures for wildland was damaged as a result of the fire.  Unfortunately the family of five lost their home, but all escaped with their lives.  The tankers from Ward and Siloam were more than a lifesaver today with the near drought conditions that exist in the area along with the gusty winds this afternoon. 

 The structure was completely involved prior tot he arrival of the first unit.  The first engine initiated a defensive attack to protect the exposure located next to this side of the structure.

Cuba Firefighter Tony Odom working to cool the structure during overhaul.

Cuba Engineer/Sgt. Scrivner is cooling a hotspot while Chief Vaughan and Captain Culpepper talk.  The high heat of the day caused firefighters to drop the turnout gear once the fire was out. 

Preparing the Ward Tanker to go back in service.

Asst. Chief Fisher is getting the hose ready to go back on Cuba Engine 2.