Tropical Depression 13 is active in the Gulf of Mexico and is likely to become a tropical storm before making landfall.  The official NHC intensity forecast keeps what could become Tropical Storm Lee at tropical storm strength before making landfall on the North Central Gulf Coast.  While there could be some minor tree damage in the area due to the winds associated with this storm it is certain that the main threat will be heavy rain.  A weak tropical system should ease the drought conditions for most of Alabama and the rest of the southeast.  The only problem with this system could come from slow forward speed and interaction with other weather features in the area.  The area is slated to receive around five to nine inches of rain if the current forecast verifies.  Here are the current forecast images and positions of the storm. 

Current NHC product.

 0600 Model output from the GFS.  It depicts the center of circulation over west Alabama Monday Afternoon.


 Expected rainfall for the area for the next five days.