Whitfield Fire hosted the South Sumter Battalion training session for the month of September this past weekend.  Tankers from Siloam, Ward, and Whitfield were used in a drafting and tanker shuttle drill that will be repeated time and again in the future.  This is the first such drill of its type that has been conducted since the tankers have been placed in service in the South Sumter area.  Saturday’s drill involved the use of a static water source to keep the engine at the drop site supplied with water.  After some initial adjustments the tankers arrived on scene in a simulated delay (to allow for travel time) and kept the engine supplied and the water that was delivered was pumped through three handlines.  At times the tankers would have to wait until the tank would drop low enough to take the water they had on board.  The chief officers from the departments involved agree that there were some mistakes, but nothing major or critical.  Adjustments will be made in the operation and the drill will be held again in about six weeks.  Below are a few videos shot by Ward Asst. Chief Bragg as he and members from the Kinterbish Fire Department were manning the fill site on County Road 42. 

Whitfield Tanker arriving at the fill site.

Siloam Tanker arriving at the fill site.

Special thanks to Whitfield for hosting and providing a place to eat as well as food and coffee.  Also, a special thanks to Mr. Freddie, Ward VFD, for providing the chili.