The 2011 year has certainly been one of those years that will be remembered for years into the future.  Sumter County was struck by multiple tornadoes and saw injuries and the loss of homes and other property.  Wednesday, November 16th, was no exception.  A line of storms moved into the area and a EF2 tornado descended upon the Whitfield Community just after 0700. 

Fire units in the South Sumter area had a great advance warning on this storm thanks to the staff at the National Weather Service Birmingham.  The NWS staff alerted units in the area that a potentially tornadic storm would be in the area with the next two hours.  Deputy Chief Holder went into action and alerted units to the potential storm and spotters were posted.  Chiefs Holder and Pendergrass spotted the funnel cloud and were on location in the Whitfield area minutes after the passing of the storm.  Units from all South Sumter stations and many other agencies in Sumter County were on scene in short order.  South Sumter units removed the one injury from her damaged home and turned her over to the Ambulance on scene.  Thankfully, there was no loss of life in the Whitfield area. 

Home where injury was sustained.

Excellent warning provided by the NWS in BMX with a great lead time.  Thanks John and the Crew!

Lots of tree damage in the area.

Photos by: J. Hughes and D. Holder