The next phase of the communications project was completed this past weekend.  One-hundred foot towers were erected at Boyd, Ward, and Whitfield.  These towers will be used for station communications and in the case of Whitfield; the tower will be immediately put in service as a repeater station.  Siloam Asst. Chief Harry Hughes organized the project and coordinated the effort to complete this phase of a multi-year effort to increase the quality of communications in the Sumter County Fire Service.  Without people such as Harry there would be much that would go undone.  On this project alone Harry has put in countless hours getting equipment ready.  A special thanks to all the other firemen and officers that worked to complete the project at each of the stations.  Hopefully, the next phase of this project will be completed in very short order.

Antenna being put on the tower at Boyd Fire Station.

Boyd tower nearing completion.

Chief Dial standing next to the completed tower.

Preparations being made at Ward.

Nearing completion at Ward Fire.

Ward tower is complete.

Ward Fire Chief Fredy Reeves standing next to the completed tower at his station.

Making preparations at Whitfield Fire.

Securing the tower to the base.

Whitfield tower is complete.

Chief Steele standing next to the completed tower at Whitfield.