The Sumter County Volunteer Firefighters Association sponsored Got Big Water Seminar was held this weekend in South Sumter.  Members and apparatus from the Boyd, Coatopa-Dug Hill, Cuba, Siloam, Ward, and Whitfield stations participated in the two day even that is aimed at training firefighters to use their tankers effectively and to deliver big water to remote areas of the county.  This event was a huge success and will most certainly be done again in the future.  There will be much more coming out on this event in the near future, but for now we believe that Mark Davis, one of the instructors from this weekend and founder of GBW, says it best.

  We had a great weekend (March 17/18) with the folks from the South Sumter Fire Battalion in Sumter County, Alabama. The Sumter County Vol Firefighters Association hosted one of our 2-day, Rural Water Supply Operations Seminars. Members from the Cuba, Ward, Siloam, Boyd, Coatopa-Dug Hill, and Whitfield FDs attended. The weekend was full of learning about and reviewing the basics of hauling water to fight fires. Saturday started off with a few hours of classroom work covering fire flow demand, the different types of water hauling rigs, their modes of operation, and fill site and dump site operations. Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning were spent practicing the set-up of fill sites and dump sites and then Sunday afternoon culminated the seminar with the traditional, 2-hour ISO tanker shuttle drill. The folks did a great job hauling water during the 2-hour drill and sustained an average flow of around 575 gpm during the event. At the peak of the drill, the crews maintained 800 gpm for almost an hour. A few photos are posted below with a more complete summary to follow in a week or so.















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