Departments in South Sumter have been running quite a bit lately.  A few small incidents and a major incident that involved six engine companies and three tankers on the actual call and several other engines and tankers were moved up to cover empty houses.  The large incident was in the York Fire Department’s coverage area along I 20-59 and involved fires from the 13 mile marker all the way down to the 7 mile marker.  The incident was brought under control by the combined efforts of the fire departments and the Alabama Forestry Commission. 

This accident on June 5th sent to area residents to the hospital.  The vehicle was just inside the state of Alabama when it left US 11 near a creek.  The driver of the vehicle was able to miss the creek. 

Vehicle Fire on June 15th at Young’s Grocery caused a few tense moments for those at the area store.  The fire department was notified and was on location within eight minutes.  Crews used foam to bring the fire under control and stop it from spreading into the diesel pumps.