Members from the Cuba, Ward, Whitfield, Siloam, and Belmont-McDowell Fire Departments came together on Saturday, March 27th to conduct pump tests and hose testing for all equipment.   Members worked just over twelve hours to complete this task that is vital to the effectiveness and safety of all the departments involved.  A light lunch was provided and a full supper was provided to all members that were present. 

Whitfield VFD loading the hosebed of their engine.

Members unloading Cuba Engine 1 to inspect and test the hose.

Firefighter Richard Breland unloading the Ward engine to inspect the hose.

Firefighter Paul Deloach (Siloam) washing some hose that was in need of attention.

Captain Culpepper (Cuba) and Asst. Chief Hughes (Siloam) work on the radio in Chief Vaughan’s truck.  Nothing would get done without these two.

Various types of hose spread out for testing.

Engineer Scrivner running the pump on engine 1 to supply the hose testing machine.

Chief Vaughan doing what he does best!

Chief Josh Smith (Belmont-McDowell) marking hose.

The Chef…  Firefighter Mark Stallings (Cuba) prepares and then samples the food to make sure it is safe!