On top of being in one of the most beautiful parts of the world, the campus of the NFA is one top notch facility that is well worth the visit.  Classes began around 0800 and lasted until 1715 today and much information was gained.  The classes ended in time for everyone to make it to the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial in time for all to attend the Alabama, New Hampshire, and Vermont memorial services.  The names of all of our fallen brothers and sisters were read out from each state and the bell at the memorial was tolled for each of them. 

The main building on the campus of the NFA. The campus is over 200 years old and was a Female Catholic University at one point.

A picture of the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Chapel. The belfry rings the quarters, halves, and hours. Lovely building

Inside the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Chapel.

The September 11th Memorial. "To Lift A Nation"

All Participants... Talk about a blending of cultures. As our New Hampshire friends would put it..."Wicked Bad!"

The Alabama Fire Academy Group