Members from Siloam, Ward, Whitfield, Boyd, and Cuba Fire Department assembled to take down the remaining towers from the local schools system so that they could be used on the new radio system that has been put in place in the county.  These towers will give departments the ability to place a pocket repeater at their station or just have effective communications in the event that the repeater system is completely disabled.  This has been a long time in the works and without the tireless efforts of Harry Hughes this project would never have been completed.  The communications situation in the county is getting better day by day thanks to the dedication of the volunteer firefighters that keep it safe.

 Tower coming down at Sumter High.

Curtis and Bug could do this by themselves!

Whitfield VFD preparing to take down their new tower.

Tower coming down behind York West End.

The architect of the whole process and Richard take apart the antenna system that was mounted on the towers.