The Gulf is getting rather active with tropical activity.  There are two areas identified in the Gulf of Mexico that are being watched by the National Hurricane Center for potential development.  One of the areas is very close to coastal Louisiana and is spreading quite a bit of rain over the area.  It is likely that the system will not develop into anything more than a weak tropical storm at the best.  However, it could spread quite a bit of rain over the southeastern area.  The chance of development has been scaled back from the 60% chance of development earlier Monday. 

The other area is over the southern Gulf and has medium chance of developing into a tropical cyclone.  The intensity models all trend toward the low end on this system as well and strength is kept at tropical storm force at best.  Further the models also indicate that the storm is going to head for Texas if it develops. 

Sea surface temperatures are very warm out there in the Gulf and further mischief is certain.