Cuba, Siloam, Ward, and Kinterbish firefighters were more than busy this weekend with everything from the mundane fender bender to the mass casualty incident.  Fire Units responded to an MVA at the four mile marker on Saturday afternoon and found no injuries.  Firefighters assisted the female occupant with the items that were slung from her trailer during the accident.  Immediately after clearing the minor accident at the four mile marker, the call for all available units was transmitted for an accident at the York exit.  Safety Officer Holder was the first South Sumter unit to arrive on scene and he requested that all units step up there response.  Chief Vaughan and Captain N. Larkin (Livingston)  arrived on scene shortly afterwards and began patient care.  When the dust settled the York, Cuba, Siloam, Livingston, Ward, and Kinterbish Fire Departments, as well as Northstar Ambulance and the Sumter County Rescue Squad had treated 11 patients.  One of those patients was airlifted form the scene and the remainder were transported via ground ambulance.  All departments did a splendid job to insure that all viable patients were transported to this hospital for care.  These incidents don’t happen often, but the increased training and professionalism of the the men and women of the Sumter County Fire Service certainly shine through at moments like this. 

Once units cleared this scene they answered two wreck calls in the next 12 hours for minor incidents on Pretty Branch Road and I 20-59 at Exit 1.  Later Sunday afternoon the Cuba and Siloam Fire Departments were requested to respond to a structure fire in York for mutual aid.  Perhaps, this week will be a little quieter.


MVA @ Exit 8

MVA @ Exit 1