On August 31st, the South Sumter group hosted the orientation session for the Alabama Volunteer Firefighter Certification class that is being held in the area.  This is not the first training program that the Cuba or Siloam departments have put together, but it is one of the largest.  This class is a special version of the course since it is being offered in the classroom and at the online training site that is supported by the departments in South Sumter (classroom.sumterfiretraining.org/moodle).  With the online and traditional students together, the class number is just over 3o students.  The leadership in the South Sumter area is very excited to see what the outcome is from this program.  It is hoped that this will be the first program that can be replicated statewide to bring the active volunteer firefighters the ability to receive their certification without them having to be in class night after night.  While the program cuts down on the number of nights in the class it doesn’t completely replace them all together.  All students are held to the same schedule and all students are required to show up for the skill nights in order to advance.  Further, all students will be required to pass the same state/Pro-Board Certification exam at the end of each block.  Stay tuned for information about this class and we hope to update the site frequently with pictures from the various skill nights.