Siloam Fire Department is undergoing an extensive renovation to expand the services that it offers to the South Sumter area.  The small bays that were attached to the station’s meeting hall have been removed and are being replaced with a double stall engine house that can accommodate the larger engine and the department’s new 2,500 gallon tanker.  The station’s other new bay (constructed in 2005) will hopefully be used to house a rescue vehicle of some sort in the very near future.  In addition to the bay expansion, the county wide communication system is also receiving a boost with the construction of a free standing tower at the department as well.  The 140 foot tower was secured through a negotiation with the Sumter County School District and Asst. Chief Harry Hughes.  Crews from various Sumter County Fire Stations took towers down at various schools in the area and many of them have been placed at fire stations to enhance communications.  The Siloam Tower and the Coatopa Tower are the last two items that needed to be complete in order for the system to have full operating capabilities.  We are very excited about the positive changes that are coming to Siloam Fire Department and other departments in the area.  Stay tuned for further updates on this project.  A similar tower project is about to be underway at the Whitfield Fire Department in the South Sumter area and we hope to have some updates from Chief Steele about the progress of his efforts. 

The first three sections are being moved into position and about to be placed on the tower base.

Harry running the “machine” to move the top section into position.

The top section on the way up.

Securing the last sixty feet.

The completed tower and the location of the new truck bay at Siloam Fire.