The hard work and countless hours of South Sumter firefighters paid off with the completion of the Siloam repeater project.  Sure, there are a few items that need to be worked on to knock everything out, but the repeater is up and on the air and serving the southern end of the county well.  All those involved gave up quite a few 12 hour days and even more nights.  When the grant was applied for this project was little more than a dream.  With the completion of this phase of the project, firefighters can operate safely from handhelds in a major portion of Sumter County.  There is one repeater left to be put into full service, and plans were made to install that station this past weekend.  I hope that I don’t leave anyone out of the thank you section, but here area  few pictures of everyone’s efforts…

None of the construction would have been possible without our PE.  Harry takes care of things that no one ever knows about and this area is very blessed to have him.

Rick Morefield, from LEMA and local Ameteur Radio, graciously volunteered to climb the tower and install the cable.  A top notch job was certainly provided by this friend to South Sumter firefighters.

As usual…  One of the Chiefs would be sitting on his rear while everyone else works.  Never fails for this one!

Firefighter Paul Deloach, hard at work on the haul line going up the tower.  Paul is another one of our unsung heroes… 

Members working to pull the antenna up the tower.

Rick shifting the antenna into place. 

Firefighter Chuck Scrivner is working on the ground rods for the new tower. 

Chief Pendergrass completes work in the stations new office and equipment room.  Lot’s of fun has been had with those water lines!

Anytime you get us together there will be food. 

Invited some friends to lunch and a prayer was held for our 343 brothers and sisters who lost their lives, along with the NYPD and civilians, in the September 11th attack.  We will never forget those who gave all so that others might live.

Special thanks to Janell Hughes for the pictures.