When the tones go off you never know what you might be rolling into.  At times we get lulled to sleep by the monotony of the average medical call or abandoned structure fire.  However, every now and then a call shatters the “sleep” that you were enjoying and brings you right to the front.  Today one such call rang in for the firefighters of South Sumter.  Cuba Chief, Reid Vaughan, arrived on scene and advised that light smoke was showing from the structure.  Before he could take his hand off the mike he noticed a victim lying on the ground and requested an ambulance be dispatched.  Kinterbish Firefighter W. M. Scott arrived on scene to assist just ahead of Cuba Engine 2 with Firefighter Scrivner in the drivers seat.  Arriving firefighters quickly put out what remained of the fire and Firefighter/EMT Chris Cherry went to work on the patient.  Cherry found that the patient had extensive burns to his arms and small burns to his face.  Northstar Ambulance arrived and the patient was transported with Cuba Captain/EMT Levin Culpepper riding in with the crew.  Firefighters from the Cuba, Siloam, Kinterbish, York, and Morningstar Fire Departments reported to the scene of the fire. 

What made this call any different from the countless others we run…  The occupant of the house has a young man named Wykene Bell, Jr. to thank for his saving his life.  This young fellow spotted the fire and alerted his father and mother.  Together they retrieved the victim from the burning residnce and worked to control the fire prior to the arrival of the first engine.  It was the efforts of this young man and his parents that saved a life and the property from fire.  Young Mr. Bell has been entered into the running for the Cuba Fire Department’s Medal of Merit, which is the department’s highest award given to a civilian. 

Our new recruit…  Wykene Bell, Jr.  Thanks for looking out for your neighbor!


Firefighters Scrivner and Scott, as well as Captain Brooks, place scene tape up around the trailer.

Damage to the room where the occupant was sleeping.

Firefighter/EMT Cherry and Firefighter Scott outisde of the structure.  Siloam Captain Brooks is checking out the wall that had been removed earlier and can be seen in the window. 

Northstar Paramedic Ryan as well as Firefighter/EMT Cherry treat the patient prior to transport on the ambulance.