Units from the Cuba Fire Department and the Siloam Fire Department responded to the scene of a reported wildfire on County Road 1 Saturday afternoon.  Cuba Chief Vaughan arrived on scene to find a fire in the area near the Alabama Power substation.  In addition to the substation, there was also a home near the fire that was exposed.  Asst. Chief Fisher and Firefighter Scrivner arrived with Engine 1 and went to work protecting the substation.  Before the arrival of the fire department the fire had made it into the grounds of the substation and was burning toward the transformer bank.  Units quickly extinguished the fire inside the substation and went to work on the other exposures.  Captain Wright arrived with Engine 2 and made a blitz attack on the fire with the deck gun from the engine.  The 1,000 gallons from engine 2 slowed the fire down and allowed units to gain control of the fire before it could spread any further.  The area the fire burned was relatively small, but the very dry conditions and the heavy fuel load caused the fire to be hot and stubborn.  Operations were slowed due to the power lines that were down in the area, but the fire was held in check until the effect of the water and foam from engine 2, as well as the dozier from AFC put it down.  Cuba and Siloam units were assisted by members from the Bellamy VFD, Cuba PD, and the Sumter County SO.  Kinterbish moved up to cover any assignment that could have come out before the Cuba engines were back in service.  Units from Cuba and Siloam returned to the scene around 2100 hours on Saturday and 0700 on Sunday to put more water on the fire.  A patrol of the fire lines was established and checked at regular intervals to protect the people of the community around the fire.  Below are a few images taken at the scene…

Engine 1 arriving on scene for the second time (2100 Saturday)

Firefighter Bryant and Firefighter Scrivner use the booster real to cool a small spot fire near the road. 

Engine 1’s deck gun taking down the rotten tree that took the power line down a second time.