Members of the current certification class attended a skill night for water supply at the old Cuba School site  Tuesday evening.  It took quite a while to filter everyone through the skill test, but everyone completed the drill.  I know that everyone was thankful for the cooler weather this week due to the turnout gear that was required for drill.  All members of the class are on track to complete block I and take their last skill test on October 5th.  The State test for Block I will be given on October 7th.  Block II will start the following week. 

Siloam Firefighter William Flowers demonstrates the proper release of a hose clamp. 

Preparing for the first drill.

Livingston Firefighter Todd Rutherford was the first to tackle the five inch line. 

Flushing the line…

Livingston Captain Nancy Larkin serves as the Safety Officer for this drill. 

Cuba Chief Vaughan caught doing what he does best. 

York Chief Jessie Cunningham and York Captain Bea Wade await their turn for the drill.

Kinterbish Firefighter Walter Winn getting ready for his run.

Special thanks to Janell Hughes for taking all the pictures.