Siloam Tanker 1 rolled into the station this evening to replace the department’s 1970 tanker that has been in service for many years.  The new tanker was purchased with grant funding and will join the engine that is manned by Siloam, as well as the other engines and tankers in the South Sumter group.  The Ward Fire Department will be receiving this trucks twin in the next few weeks and the area will be served by three nearly identical tankers.  The new tankers will be responding from the Siloam, Whitfield and Ward Fire Stations.  The tanker at Siloam carries 2,500 gallons of water and has the ability to pump as well as drop its water in a drop tank on scene.  These tankers will provide a tremendous increase in the level of protection that is offered to the South Sumter area.  The sky is the limit for this area and we will be working hard this year to secure grant funding for other much needed items in the area. 

A special thanks to the crew from Tuscaloosa Fire Equipment…  As always a class act even if you let Tim work on things!