Conditions continue to deteriorate in the South Sumter are this afternoon.  It is likely that conditions will become treacherous on area roads and power will likely lost in portions of the area later tonight.  Travel on area roads is not advised this afternoon and evening and responders will have to be selective in the types of calls that we answer throughout this event.  Here is the current situation as of 1330 Sunday.


Large swath fo the area is outline with watches and warnings as a large field of precip moves into the area.  This storm system extends back into the Texas area.  Conditions will improve for a while here with the clearing that is roughly over the I 59 corridor in South Mississippi.  However, this will not last long and heavier bands of precip will move in later in the evening. 

Temperatures at the surface are cold!  Where the precipitation is falling the hardest the temperature is falling faster (Northwest Mississippi).  We will likely see a slow fall in the temps this afternoon and evening and bottom out in the mid to upper twenties here tonight and early tomorrow. 

Brandon Radar as of 1330.

Fort Polk, LA radar as of 1330.  This is still going to move through the area.  Look at the strength fo the winds just off the coast. 

The expected accumulation numbers are still on track and it is likely that .25 to .50 inches of ice will be on just about everything by tomorrow morning.  This will cause quite a bit of travel problems and the electrical grid could see extensive damage.  Stay tuned!