Recent Runs…

Departments in South Sumter have been running quite a bit lately.  A few small incidents and a major incident that involved six engine companies and three tankers on the actual call and several other engines and tankers were moved up to cover empty houses.  The large incident was in the York Fire Department’s coverage area along I 20-59 and involved fires from the 13 mile marker all the way down to the 7 mile marker.  The incident was brought under control by the combined efforts of the fire departments and the Alabama Forestry Commission. 

This accident on June 5th sent to area residents to the hospital.  The vehicle was just inside the state of Alabama when it left US 11 near a creek.  The driver of the vehicle was able to miss the creek. 

Vehicle Fire on June 15th at Young’s Grocery caused a few tense moments for those at the area store.  The fire department was notified and was on location within eight minutes.  Crews used foam to bring the fire under control and stop it from spreading into the diesel pumps. 

Firefighter Training Class Ongoing…

The Volunteer Firefighter Certification class is nearly halfway over this month.  The month of May saw students working hard at the site of a previous structure fire in 2011.  The owner of the structure allowed us the use of the undamaged portions of the home for training and simulation.  Students were required to conduct primary and secondary searches of the home.  Students were also allowed to function as members of the RIT team when “problems” were encountered.  The students and instructors had a great time and we will likely be doing this again in the next few weeks to prepare students for the “what ifs” they may encounter out there in the real world. 

MVA’s in May…

We have been somewhat behind in getting the website updated and hope to have that remedied in the next few days.  Units from South Sumter Stations have responded to several motor vehicle accidents in the South Sumter area during the month of May.  With the upcoming holiday weekend we hope that residents and travelers are safe on area roadways.

This MVA sent a local man to the hospital with non-critical injuries.  The accident occurred on County Road 10 just south of the Cuba City Limits. 

Damage done to a transfer truck as a result of a May 12th accident at the Alabama/Mississippi State Line.  Units from Cuba, Siloam, and Toomsuba (MS) responded to the scene of the two vehicle accident that involved two transfer trucks (one of which was a fuel tanker).  The cargo was not spilled and the accident scene was turned over to Mississippi units. 

 This accident happened on County Road 2 and sent one area man to the hospital. 


Another MVA at 17/80…

Units responded to another MVA at the intersection of Alabama 17 and US 80 on Tuesday afternoon.  The Tuesday afternoon collision was the third accident at the location in the past four days.  The most recent collision sent to patients to local hospitals.  Each of the most recent accidents have involved a commercial vehicle and a passenger vehicle each.  Everyone is reminded to be careful at this busy intersection.  Remember to slow down and take your time before pulling out into traffic.

US80 and AL17 MVAs…

Units from Siloam and Cuba Fire Departments responded to two separate accidents at the intersection of Alabama Highway 17 and US Highway 80.  Both accidents involved commercial vehicles but only one accident involved injuries.  Units remained on scene to keep traffic flowing on these busy highways while Alabama State Troopers investigated and wrecker companies removed the debris.  This incident is just one of many that these two departments have responded to at this location.  Hopefully, the ALDOT crews and contractors working hard to complete the new bridge and highway will have AL17 open again and many of these accidents can be prevented. 

Accident occured on Friday Afternoon around 1600.  The occupant of the vehicle was transported to the hospital.

The commercial vehicle lost its load in the collision.


Results of the Saturday crash.  There were no injuries in this accident. 


MVA I 20-59…

Units from Cuba and Siloam responded to an MVA on I 20-59 Sunday, April 15, 2012.  Arriving units found the driver of the vehicle injured but out of the vehicle and ambulatory.  Units remained on scene for some time due to the small fuel leak and the amount of time required by the wrecker to clean up the scene. 


South Sumter Fund Raiser Success…

Members from South Sumter Stations worked hard to complete a fund raiser on Saturday, April 14, 2012.  Residents from the area purchased Boston butts and the proceeds were deposited into the South Sumter Fire Fund.  Fundraisers in the past have helped purchase hydraulic rescue tools for the South Sumter Battalion.  Special thanks to Cuba Firefighter Mark Stallings for providing the cooking knowledge.  Nearly all of our fundraising activities would not be possible without Mark’s expert help.  The cooking team was rounded out by Captain Wright and Ward Deputy Chief Bragg.  Don’t miss out the next time we cook!

 Mark Stallings takes a look at the meat on the pit.  Slow roasted, southern cooked Barbeque at its finest! 




Firefighter Certification Class Progress Report…

Block I of the current volunteer firefighter certification class has been completed and students are awaiting their test scores.  Students completed their most recent skill night on SCBAs and confined spaces.  Students practiced various techniques and were able to work in a mock up thanks to Captain Larkin from Livingston Fire.  Block II is about to get underway and we are all excited to see what becomes of this group of new firefighters.




Brierfield Firefighter Justin Gillen…

Brierfield Volunteer Firefighter

Justin Gillen



On Saturday afternoon March 24, 27-year-old Justin Gillen was killed in a motorcycle accident.  Justin leaves behind a wife, Paige, 10-year old son, Tyler and 3-year-old daughter, Jenna.  Justin had just found a job in January so unfortunately his insurance benefits were not in force yet and there is no coverage to help this family with final and ongoing expenses.


Justin was a good man and firefighter.  He loved the fire service and to help his community but he loved his family more.


The Alabama Chapter of the Terry Farrell Firefighter’s Fund is working to collect funds to help this grief stricken family.  100% of donations in Justin’s name will go to help this family.


Donations may be made to:


The Terry Farrell Firefighter’s Fund-Alabama Chapter

Justin Gillen

C/O The Alabama Fire College

2501 Phoenix Dr

                                                                                                                                                                       Tuscaloosa, AL 35405



Spruce McRee


Brierfield Volunteer Fire & Rescue

Got Big Water Seminar…

The Sumter County Volunteer Firefighters Association sponsored Got Big Water Seminar was held this weekend in South Sumter.  Members and apparatus from the Boyd, Coatopa-Dug Hill, Cuba, Siloam, Ward, and Whitfield stations participated in the two day even that is aimed at training firefighters to use their tankers effectively and to deliver big water to remote areas of the county.  This event was a huge success and will most certainly be done again in the future.  There will be much more coming out on this event in the near future, but for now we believe that Mark Davis, one of the instructors from this weekend and founder of GBW, says it best.

  We had a great weekend (March 17/18) with the folks from the South Sumter Fire Battalion in Sumter County, Alabama. The Sumter County Vol Firefighters Association hosted one of our 2-day, Rural Water Supply Operations Seminars. Members from the Cuba, Ward, Siloam, Boyd, Coatopa-Dug Hill, and Whitfield FDs attended. The weekend was full of learning about and reviewing the basics of hauling water to fight fires. Saturday started off with a few hours of classroom work covering fire flow demand, the different types of water hauling rigs, their modes of operation, and fill site and dump site operations. Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning were spent practicing the set-up of fill sites and dump sites and then Sunday afternoon culminated the seminar with the traditional, 2-hour ISO tanker shuttle drill. The folks did a great job hauling water during the 2-hour drill and sustained an average flow of around 575 gpm during the event. At the peak of the drill, the crews maintained 800 gpm for almost an hour. A few photos are posted below with a more complete summary to follow in a week or so.















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